Adventures in Whistler, BC

Adventures in Whistler, BC
Exploring Whistler, BC can be fun even if you aren’t skiing/snowboarding. There are plenty of adventures to be had, from craft brew tasting to foodie experiences. … Read More >Adventures in Whistler, BC

Whistler Adventures Part One

My husband and I decided to head up to Whistler, B.C., as he had some vacation time and we wanted to go somewhere fairly close to home. It’s a little under three hours drive up the scenic Sea to Sky Highway to get to some of the best skiing around.  We knew it was a bit of a crap shoot going up this time of the year, because the opening of ski season tends to vary greatly every year due to our somewhat mild climate.  Opening day at Whistler was November 22, however Mother Nature didn’t cooperate and there wasn’t a lot of snow, so only a few runs are open.  This however, didn’t stop us from having a great time!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As we traveled on Monday, the drive up was rainy…… and by rainy I mean, absolutely down pouring the entire way up.  There are beautiful walls of waterfalls all along the Sea to Sky highway which were flowing with great force.  At one point I did question where all of the water was going, thankfully most of it wasn’t going in to the road.  When we arrived at our condo, which we rented through AirBnB  (linked here), we found ourselves unloading  the car in the pouring rain, as it had not let up yet. This was thankfully not a difficult task due to unload zones at the condo complex.  Having used AirBnB in the past, we have had pretty good luck with the rentals we have secured, and this time was another success. Both of us were very pleased to find a well equipped condo with a gas fireplace and our own personal hot tub.  Last winter we stayed at another condo in this complex, so we knew it was perfectly situated for walking around in Whistler Village.

After relaxing for a bit, we decided to head over to the Irish pub, Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub, for some dinner and drinks.  The reviews for the pub were mixed but we decided to go for it anyway.  It was two-for-one fish and chips night so we decided to take advantage of that.  Honestly I think we were both surprised, as our food and drinks were pretty good and the atmosphere was excellent.  The restaurant has a true Irish Pub feel, and a great outdoor fire pit area, which would have been enticing to sit out and people watch had it not been dumping rain.

Exploring close to Pemberton

Tuesday we took a drive up to the town of Pemberton, B.C. just to have a look around. It’s a cute little town that, until the 1960’s, was only accessible by train.  We stopped for some coffee and then headed over to Nairn Falls Provincial Park.  We started down a trail towards what is supposed to be a beautiful waterfall, but it was quickly evident I didn’t wear the proper shoe attire for a mucky wet trail (rains the day before) so we returned to the car and put it on our list for a summer trip.  Next we headed back down the highway to the Function Junction area of Whistler in search of Coast Mountain Brewing.  Coast Mountain Brewing, named after the mountain range Whistler is a part of, is a cozy little craft brewery with an excellent selection of their own beers.  I myself am not much of a beer drinker (however, my husband is), so I usually go for ciders (or whiskey), but Coast Mountain’s First Aid Kit Pomegranate Sour beer was really good. My husband got a flight of 4 of their beers, his favorite was one of their new releases called Opening Daze IPA.  I’m not going to lie, I saw the artwork on the Opening Daze IPA and was so intrigued I told my husband we had to go there.  Turns out it was a great choice!  Not only was the beer good, but the artwork on their cans and on their walls was worth checking out.

Coast Mountain Brewing, Whistler, B.C.  Opening Daze IPA,  was created in conjunction with a local restaurant called Hunter Gather for Whistler’s Opening Day Ski/Snowboard Season ‘2018

A New, Sunshiny Day

Wednesday morning started with a walk in to the village, this picture shows the beautiful backdrop of Blackcomb Mountain.  While there was sadly not enough snow for good skiing, there was enough for some beautiful scenery.  Besides, who doesn’t like sunshine?

This morning’s walk led us directly to Purebread  bakery in Whistler Village.  In addition to Whistler, Purebread also has some other locations in the Vancouver, BC area.

We discovered this bakery on the last day of our first trip to Whistler last February and I’m pretty sure it’s half the reason my husband wanted to return to Whistler the following month. The picture above only shows a snippet of the beautiful delicacies they offer in addition to teas, coffees, and lunch time goods.  I can honestly say this is the only bakery I have dreamt about after leaving.  I even tried to get my husband to buy me an entire cake for my birthday, he was a bit confused by my request as my birthday is still three weeks away.

A Spa Day You Say?

Our plans for this day were to spend a good portion of our day at the Scandinave Spa Whistler.  Because it was a very unique experience, I will be writing a separate post all about our experience that details the entire process.  I will also include some tips that I wish somebody had shared with us before we went.  They do not allow cameras or cellphones while inside (or want them kept put away), so I don’t have good pictures, but I will link directly to their website in that  post so you can get a good visual as well.

The spa was a very relaxing experience, but when we were done we had more to explore.  Next up, we headed to Whistler Brewing to check out their beer selection.  Whistler Brewing is also located in the Function Junction section of Whistler, which is a bit of an industrial area. I decided to go for cider this time, but my husband went for a flight again.  One of the things I talked about is how I am swayed by the pictures/artwork, and I wanted him to try their Rescue Ale, as I am a sucker for dog artwork.  My husband then informed me that a portion of the proceeds from that beer is donated to the SPCA to help rescue lost, injured, or neglected animals.  That did it for me, it was a must try for sure!  He ended up liking it and buying a six pack to take home.  He actually liked all the beers he tried, so Whistler Brewing ended up being an excellent stop on our tour of places to try in Whistler.  They also offer a nice selection of nibbles to go with the beer. Now, because I don’t actually blog about beer, and couldn’t really tell you one from the other for the most part, I am taking my husband’s word that the beer was awesome (he likes his beer!).  I can however tell you that the atmosphere was great and we will return on our next trip.

Time for Some Serious Chow!

After testing out beers at Whistler Brewing, we headed to Creekbread Pizza located in the creekside part of Whistler. My husband knows I rely heavily on finding good places to eat by reading reviews on TripAdvisor, and so far they haven’t let us down. I always like to remind people to use TripAdvisor and review places you visit.  It is your views that recommend good places to other travelers. And Creekbread was no exception.  The pizza was incredible!

Creekbread has ample seating, a great beer selection, some cider for me, and an excellent menu of pizza options.  We were impressed by the fact that we could order half and half of any of the pizzas so that we were able to try more options. Creekbread works really hard to source their ingredients from local organic farmers. They use quality ingredients without chemicals or pesticides and they offer a very inviting environment.  I just wish there were more restaurants that would follow this business model.  Our pizzas were delicious, the combination of ingredients on all three pizza combos we tried were zesty and robust.  As a person who struggles with gluten intolerance, pizza can sometimes be a bad experience for me later on when the heartburn sets in, however I did not experience that this time, and I am certain it is due to the quality ingredients they use. We had to pass on dessert because we were so full, but the homemade brownies and ice cream we saw coming out of the kitchen are a must for next time.

Whistler Film Festival Fun

After pizza we returned to our condo for a short bit of down time before heading out again. We procured movie tickets for the Canadian Premiere of Mary, Queen of Scots.  It just so happened that the Whistler Film Fest 2018 was taking place while we were there, and there were a plethora of movies to check out.  We decided on the premiere of Mary Queen of Scots.  I have a very strong Scottish background so it piqued my interest right away.  After a bit of a wait in line we were seated in a nice theater within the Whistler Convention Center. The movie was excellent, and while I am not going to write a full movie review, I will say it was intense, yet very engaging.  The costumes are very elaborate and well done, and it had a mix of action, romance, and history all rolled in to it.  It is definitely worth seeing.  The movie actually prompted me to do some more research on Mary, Queen of Scots on my own, and her story is very interesting. I will say I think some of the story was embellished for theatrical purposes, but that is to be expected.

Its Not Over Yet…

We packed quite alot in to the first few days, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. But because there is so much more to do and say, I will continue our Whistler Adventures in a second post.  Feel free to message, email or tweet any questions you might have, and check out our Instagram feed for more of our photos.

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  1. I know my next vacation destination. I have never skiid but the atmosphere there seems incredible. I would start at the Irish pub for the fish and chips and head straight to the bakery. Yum!
    It sounds like you had an amazing time.
    Thanks for sharing such a grand adventure.

  2. That looks wonderful, and by that I mean everything!! It’s a much longer trip for us to get there from the eastern seaboard of the US but I’m putting it on my trip bucket list.

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