More Adventures in Whistler, BC

Adventures in Whistler, BC
Exploring Whistler, BC can be fun even if you aren’t skiing/snowboarding. There are plenty of adventures to be had, from craft brew tasting to foodie experiences. … … Read More >More Adventures in Whistler, BC

The Adventures Continue

If you haven’t read the first installment of our Whistler 2018 trip, you might want to back up and read it to get up to speed on our adventures.  We packed so much in to this trip that I had decided to write in two installments about everything we did.

Moose Selfies…….

Moose Selfies While I Shopped

We got off to a late start with our day this day. We decided to just stroll through the village and check out the shops.  Whistler has something for everyone, from ski shops, which turn to bike shops in the summer, to boutique shops, to candy stores.  I’ve never been known to pass up a good boutique, so we strolled in and out of shops (much to my husband’s dismay) until we got to the other end of the village.  

Garabaldi Lift Co. Bar & Grill

Once at the other end of the village we weren’t sure where we wanted to go next, so we decided to go sit at the Garabaldi LIft Co. Bar & Grill (GLC) and savor some warm beverages while we hatched a plan.  GLC is a great place to sit outdoors, even during the winter. They have nice fire pits with comfy bench seating around them where you can watch all of the comings and goings of the slopes. 

We sat and drank our “Nutty Irishman’s” while planning our next move.  I kept thinking about how I cannot wait to come back when there is more snow on the ground and just sit and watch the skiers and snowboarders.  Such a perfect perch for people watching.  Oh, and the food menu looked wonderful too!

Whistler’s Upper Village

The next stop for the day would be Whistler’s Upper Village.  If you haven’t been to Whistler, it can be a little confusing when we talk about Whistler Village, Upper Village, Creekside, and so on.  Besides the main Whistler Village area, there are little smaller sub-area’s that all have their own hotels, restaurants, shops. As well they have lifts to get you to up the mountain.

The upper village has a great little taphouse we had heard about called HandleBar Cafe and Apres, so that’s where we headed next.  Again, another taphouse that did not disappoint.  HandleBar has a large selection of local BC craft beers on tap that change frequently. They also have a food menu that is inspired by German street foods (yum!), and even some ciders and top shelf Whiskey for me. And the best part, it was affordable!  HandleBar will be on our list again for our next trip to Whistler, we were impressed.

Blackcomb’s Newest Gondola, is almost ready!

Originally, Blackcomb’s newest 10-person gondola was set to be ready to go on opening day. But, just like the snow, it wasn’t quite ready.  We walked around to check it out, and could see there was still some work to be done. As of this writing, it has opened up and is fully operational.  The new gondola will take riders from the upper village to the Peak-to-Peak base. This is replacing two older lifts.  It’s an exciting benchmark for Whistler/Blackcomb as they will be able to move riders up the mountain much faster.  Faster trips to the top, means more trips down the slopes for riders

Over the River and Through the Woods……

After checking out Whistler’s upper village and Handlebar Cafe, it was time for a little hike back to our condo.  

The Whistler area has impressive hiking trails which draw fans all winter and summer long. Walking through the well marked areas, we realized that coming back with our bikes in the summer is a must.  There is so much more to explore out there and the views are beautiful.

As we got closer to our condo, we came across this view.  Because it was dusk the colors in my photos didn’t come out quite as vivid as they were to the naked eye, but my oh my what a beautiful sight.  What you cannot see is down the creek and over the trees  the mountains stood out behind it all.  

The serenity and peace from all of the nature that surrounded us in Whistler really made for a relaxing retreat. We both hated to leave. 

What’s for Dinner?

Finding good food in Whistler is not an issue at all.  I think deciding where to go is the biggest dilemma we faced.  For our second to last evening in Whistler we decided to go The Mexican Corner Restaurant in Whistler Village.  We have been there a few times before and it never fails to be delicious each and every time.  

The Mexican Corner Restaurant has what I consider to be very authentic Mexican food. And drinks that look as good as they taste, making it hard to choose which ones to try.  My Husband had a traditional Margarita, and I had a Mango Margarita that tasted so fresh, it was delightful.  For food, you honestly cannot go wrong with any of it.  While we were there they had a three course meal for $21 which I decided to order.  I got some amazing chicken enchilada verde, which I would recommend over and over again (pictured below), along with a delightful appetizer and salad.  My husband had chicken fajitas.  He is always on the quest for the best fajitas around and these did not disappoint.  I didn’t, get a good picture of his fajitas because I was trying not to look like a crazy tourist.

Sadly, I just read that the three course special is now longer offered, but I also read that they have a new dinner menu which is sure to be awesome! Make sure you allow yourself a little time if you decide to give them a visit, as there is often a wait to get seated due to the popularity of their amazing food and service.

Is that Snow I see?

On our last full day we woke up to snow.  Not tons of it like I was hoping for, but enough to make me a little giddy with excitement.  We walked in to the village for our last stop at Purebread (see previous Whistler post to learn more about the glorious Purebread bakery). After we loaded up with goodies we wandered towards the village gondolas in search of our next plan.  The village was starting to really bustle and I was kind of sad to be leaving.  

As we got to the village gondola base, we saw that North Face was setting up their winter kick off. (*read more about that here).  We also noticed that the snow was starting to blanket the hills (did I mention I was giddy?).  So what did we decide to do next? Jump on a lift and head to the Whistler Sliding Center to watch some luging. 

We had observed the German Luge team unloading their equipment at our condos a few nights earlier, so we decided we better go check it out. 

Luging at the Whistler Sliding Center

Whistler was the second stop on the World Cup luge circuit where over 100 athletes from more than 20 countries were competing.  

Admittedly, I thought it would be fun to watch, but I hadn’t considered that it would be cold and wet, and that there would be no where to stay dry.  I also found that the luges fly by so fast (up to 130 km/hr), that it’s all a big blur.  I decided the luge races were not for me,  However my husband was enjoying them, so I left him to watch and I headed back to the village.

Whistler Sliding Center

Our Last Night at Whistler

Once we met back up, both of us were exhausted from all the walking. But, we decided to rally and head back in to the village to the Irish pub for some dinner.  And, let me tell you, it was crazy busy!  Evidently the Irish pub is the place to be on a Friday night in Whistler Village.

We were very thankful to have a hot tub to sit in after our busy day.  It’s going to be hard to stay anywhere else after staying in this awesome condo. Having our own hot tub was the icing on the cake. (see previous Whistler post for condo details

That’s a Wrap!

Heading home is always bittersweet, especially when the trip was so fun, but we did miss our two fur babies and we were ready to be back with them.

A View from the Drive Home

Whats up next?

Our next trip will be to Bend, Oregon in February for some more ski fun, and then in April we are planning to take on Tucson Arizona, so stay tuned!  Feel free to share your favorites places in either of those locations!

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  1. British Columbia is at the top of our bucket list! I just can’t decide if we want to go in the winter or in the summer! Our boys and my husband ski- so winter would be pretty amazing!

  2. That looks fabulous! I’ve lived within deiving distance to Whistler for years and yet never made it up there – I need to fix that!

    1. Sadly, we have been within 3 hours of Whistler ourselves, all our lives, and we had only been up there once or twice before. So happy to reintroduce ourselves to all Whistler has to offer!

  3. Whistler looks really neat – there’s so much to see out in the world. Oooh, going through a lift is always a nice experience even though I am always scared that the cable would snap. Haha, I would appreciate the alcohol there. Glad you enjoyed your time out there!

    Nancy ♥

  4. Whistler is so close to home for me and I love it in the summer too!

    Mashibaby says:

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