New Year, New Beginnings

At the beginning of each new year, we give ourselves permission to start again, start anew, or improve upon what we were before. … Read More >New Year, New Beginnings

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Turning the Page to a New Year

Every year, millions of people look to January 1st as the opportunity for new beginnings.  For some it’s New Year’s Resolutions, such as to lose weight, exercise more, or get healthy.  And for others it’s a chance to re-write their story by wiping the slate clean and starting anew. 

When I started this blog, I was essentially starting anew with a new focus and new goals of which included starting a Lifestyle and Travel Blog.  Therefore, I decided January 1st would not be starting anew, but rather it would be a time sharpen my focus. I decided I would set more goals, build upon what I have started, and create a successful blog.

I’m actually pretty excited about this.  I have committed to making my blog a success with the understanding that it will take a lot of work, and won’t happen overnight. My daughter bought me a blog planning book for Christmas, and I am filling it out and setting goals.  Purchasing a datebook planner that I can customize to support my goals and deadlines, has also been very helpful.  And, I am taking courses from bloggers who have been successful (see class here) which has been invaluable.

New Beginnings

While thinking about my goals for the new year, I starting thinking about why most people wait until January 1st to set new goals.  Is it because the holidays create a lot of chaos and we cannot facilitate new goals during that time?  I know people don’t like to start new diets around Thanksgiving and Christmas, so this thinking makes sense to me.  After thinking on it further, I decided that it makes sense to set goals for the new year. Whether it be to rewrite your story, or build on what you have already started, there are 365 days laying ahead to make changes.

Why Should We Set Goals?

I’m not going to lie….. I’ve never been big on making New Year’s resolutions. Nor have I been one to write down my goals and check them off as I go. However, I read that those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.  This new found information prompted me to start doing things that will increase my chances of being successful.  In a sense, you could say this is my New Year’s resolution.  I have clearly defined goals I want to attain this year, so I decided it’s time to formulate a plan and go for it. 

Formulating a Well Laid Plan

Once I decided to write down my goals, I learned something….. I learned that writing them down is empowering.  Writing them down makes me feel even more confident I can achieve them.  My next move is to formulate a plan, which I am still working on. However, I started researching ways to reach my goals and I found these recommendations:

  •  Write down your goals clearly and concisely.
  •  Create a plan for attaining your goals.
  • Determine any obstacles that stand in your way.
  • Formulate a plan for overcoming obstacles. 
  • Set up a time frame/create measurable outcomes.
  • Write out your plan of action.
  • Review your goals: are they realistic? Is your time frame realistic? 
  • Set your plan in to motion and jump in with both feet.
  • Evaluate your plan often to make sure you don’t need to make changes in order to be successful. 

It sounds easy enough in theory, but I found that having to be clear and concise caused me to have to research in depth ways to achieve my goals.  One of my top goals is to monetize my blog this year. While I have an idea how to monetize my blog, writing it all out step by step is a little daunting.  I decided however, that just daunting does not mean impossible and I will keep making lists and refining them as I go. 

Who Defines Your Success?

I have thought long and hard about what it takes to create a successful, engaging blog.  There are certain elements that must be included to be successful,  but the rest is about finding the right audience.  Every person that has ever written a blog knows that their content isn’t for everyone, and I’m okay with that.  What defines my success is whether I feel good about the content I am putting out, and whether I am meeting the goals I set for myself.  If I believe in myself and put in the hard work, the rest will fall in to place.  

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be wishes that you hope you follow through with in the coming year. Nor do they have to be throwing out everything you have been working on so you can start over. Instead, the New Year can be a time to focus on tangible, well laid plans that can help you to create the life you want to live.  

4 Replies to “New Year, New Beginnings”

  1. Love the idea of it not being starting a fresh but resharpening focus. That’s definitely a great way for me to relate to New Years. Good luck with all your goals and written out plans!

  2. I like the idea of writing down clear goals and implementing a plan for them. Determining a reasonable time frame can be a little tricky.

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