Rolling with the Punches

Cancel vacation? No way!

This past week was our vacation time, and we were supposed to head out on a road trip to Bend, Oregon. However, we had to change our plans due to the weather between here and there.  Thankfully, we were both okay with just rolling with the punches and making change on the fly. We weren’t about to cancel our vacation!

Up until a few weeks ago, we had been having one of the mildest winters on record here in the Pacific Northwest. We thought we had lucked out and bypassed winter, and then all the sudden the cold and snow set in. In one week winter showed up and showed us who was boss! Because Bend is an 8+ hr road trip, and the snow was coming down pretty heavily with more predicted, we made the decision to go north to Whistler, BC again.  The drive is less than 3 hours and the roads are well plowed, so we felt it was a safer bet.

Change of plans

After we realized that driving to Central Oregon was not the best idea, we quickly had to change plans.  Since we wanted to ski, driving to Whistler, BC seemed like the best option. This proved to be a little tricky because our vacation started on a holiday week.  Not only did mid-winter break drive up the cost, but makes for very busy resorts.  Thankfully we happened upon an Airbnb in Whistler Creekside.  While Creekside is not in the center of the Whistler hullabaloo, there is a gondola just steps away from the condo, which made it a perfect choice.

I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed, at first.  I had been looking forward to heading to Oregon.  We were there last May and really enjoyed our time. We couldn’t wait to get back during the winter ski season to check out all Mt. Bachelor has to offer.  Bend also has an incredible selection of tap houses, breweries, and restaurants, as well as great outdoor beauty.  But alas, I was reminded that so does Whistler, we would just have to try out new places.

Creating a new plan

The Airbnb was not available all of the days, so we had to continue creating a new plan.  After some research we decided we should spend the first night in Squamish, BC.  It’s less than an hour from Whistler, and has some great breweries, and the Sea to Sky Gondola.  The gondola takes you from its base in Squamish, to Summit Lodge which is the gateway to some incredible views and an entire slew of winter outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, snow shoeing, and tubing.

Finding a room was easy.  Squamish, BC seems to be an up-and-coming town that has an enormous amount of growth underway. We planned to check in to our hotel and then start checking out Squamish. We wanted to save the Sea to Sky Gondola for the next day so we had plenty of time.

Squamish, BC
Squamish, BC Canada

Best laid plans…..

We arrived in Squamish, BC to brisk, yet beautiful weather.  The sun was shining which highlighted the coastal waters of Howe Sound and the snowy Coast mountains. After checking in to our hotel, it was time to check out the breweries. You can see our Instagram account for some of the details.  We first hit Howe Brewing, a large brewery with a great selection of food and drink.  After trying some of their beers and stuffing ourselves, we decided walk the trails around Howe Sound.  Our walk was cut short by biting winds that made for an uncomfortable walk in street clothes!  I put it on my list for a summer return, as the walk is beautiful.

We spent the rest o the day exploring Squamish and then headed back to our hotel.  I was so excited for our plans for the next day, that I was a bit giddy!  I couldn’t wait to try snowshoeing, and have an intense photography session.

We woke up the next morning and my husband headed out to get us some coffees. When he returned, he mentioned that the weather wasn’t ideal for our well laid plans.  Dismayed I jumped up and looked out the window and saw what he was talking about.  Not only was it snowing a wet fluffy snow, but the clouds were hanging very low.  So low in fact, that the beautiful mountain scenery from the day before was hidden from view.  We discussed it further and decided it wasn’t worth going up in the gondola because there would be little to no visibility.  My hopes were dashed, but you  know what they say about well laid plans. Thankfully, we were adept at rolling with the punches by now.

Whistler Creekside

Whistler Creekside
Whistler Creekside

Creekside is like a subset of Whistler village with it’s own restaurants, hotels and grocery store. It also has a gondola that gets you up the mountain, which is a quick walk from lots of condos. If you are looking to be away from the hustle and bustle of the village, this is the perfect local for you. I do think, if you have teens or young adults, they would be happier in the village with more things to do.  There are buses that run during the day making the village easy access, but at night after a day on the slopes, many people will prefer the choices of food and drink in the village.

If you have read my previous Whistler post, I talked about Creekbread Pizza. They have amazing pizza they cook in a wood fired pizza oven, and source their ingredients from local vendors.  The quality is outstanding.  We made the choice to visit Creekbread again and were not disappointed!  Pictured is an amazing whiskey drink, their beautiful house salad, a taco pizza and their awesome pizza oven.  This is a can’t miss if you visit Whistler.

The Beauty of the Mountain

I never grow old of the beauty all around while at Whistler.  It’s like you are on top of the world looking down at everything around you.  It makes me happy when I think about all of this nature right in our own backyard.  

The rest of our trip was skiing, eating, reading and hot tubing.  The best of everything in my opinion.  Because I have done previous blog posts on Whistler which you can find here and here, I am not going to detail our every move in this post. But, I do want to impress upon you that you can not pick a better place for outdoor adventure.  While my husband and I are recent empty nesters, we also enjoy coming up here with our young adult children as there is something for everyone. 

Sad to say goodbye

Of course the day we were set to leave the snow started piling up.  I didn’t want to leave.  The beauty of the fresh snow and call to be act like a kid in it, was strong.  However, my husband was ready to get back home to our fur babies.  

Even though this trip was not the one we had planned, it was a great one.  Perhaps it’s not always the destination that matters, but time away from the daily grind. Being able to roll with the punches and make changes due to the weather paid off and we had another great trip.

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