Where to next?

My husband and I decided to make one last boat trip for theyear before we have the boat winterized. The end of the season is always sad, because it is not only the end to that ocean wind on your face until next May or June, but always means the neverending drippy days of fall and winter are ahead.  The summers keep us in the Pacific Northwest, but come January we are going to be feeling the pull for some tropical breezes. 

I have been trying to decide where our next big vacation should be, and my first inclination is Hawaii, because that’s where we always go.  After we touch down on Maui I always feel a sense of “ahhh” and after we pick up our rental car and start driving the coastline out of Maalaea and towards Ka’anapali, I get a calming feeling that tells me I’m right where I should be. Our last several trips to Maui have taken us to Hana for 3 nights, which my husband adores!  He will tell you there is no better body surfing in all of Hawaii as there is at Hamoa Beach in Hana.  I will tell you there’s no better Thai food than that of the food truck I adore in Hana.  The place we rent is a one minute walk across the street to Hamoa beach (see our view in the picture below), my husband laments on the awesomeness of being able to walk across the street and hit the waves whenever he wants to, and I love just sitting on the big porch watching the scenery or enjoying a good book.  Sadly, our favorite place to stay is not renting at the moment, and she is unsure when she will re-open for guests, so perhaps it’s time to find new adventures. Perhaps we need to broaden our horizons. 

We have been to all of the Hawaiian Islands, and while I adored Kauai, I found that Hana’s lushness offered many of the same things I loved about Kauai, making Maui the island of choice because it offers the best of both worlds.  My girls both went to college on Oahu, so I got to explore that island quite thoroughly as well.  One of the things I keep telling my husband when we are there, is that he needs to experience snorkeling in the Caribbean.  The water in Hawaii is beautiful, but the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean take snorkeling to a whole new level.

So, my question for you is, where would you recommend we go, say in February or March, that is warm and beautiful?  The Dominican Republic keeps popping up on my radar, it is somewhere I have never been and looks like it checks my boxes.  I’d love to hear your recommendations or ideas. 

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